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My father was an award-winning Lacrosse coach for many years. You won't find me leading any sports teams to championships. But you can count on me to help guide you through the rough terrains of classrooms and curriculums. I'm excited to offer my services in instructional coaching and mentoring specializing in English Language Arts. 

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Megan Mariano has a unique talent in creating products that are easy to implement, but also highly effective. When I first started teaching 6th ELA, her guide allowed me to see which route I should take in order to ensure my students receive the best content possible. I highly recommend her work!

     - Michael Bonner International Speaker and educator at the Ron Clark Academy

Your blog is actually one of my favorites because there's such variety and I find we have similar ideas but I never knew how to start some of them.  I have shared many of your blog posts with my teachers during PLCs.

    - Beth, teaching for 25 years

Your blog and TpT materials have helped me guide students in the writing process without my having to spend hours building lesson slides. I can build them - but not nearly as well. My students appreciate that the process is broken down for them, and they have made great progress in their writing skills this year.

     - Helen, teaching for14 years

I have used your Memoir unit and Social Book Club unit. I love the way it incorporates the standards, but also basic skills that I want the students to have like how to interact socially. I love the way it guides them to be empathetic while also looking at cause and effect or creating a timeline of events. I believe that learning how to look at our own lives through a different lens based on what is happening with the characters is a valuable skill that students need to be taught because while it may seem like this happens naturally, it doesn't.

     - Laura, teaching for 22 years

I like the variety of your blog posts; you seem to truly grasp the struggle of fitting it all in! Your posts on book clubs and how to have hard conversations have helped reshape my approach to novel studies in my ELA classroom. I also appreciate your realness as a middle school educator and that not everything needs to be Pinterest/picture perfect - your back to school guides and classroom room posts help me realize that I don't have to do it all - the classroom belongs to me and my students so we should both have a voice in the classroom.

     - KT teaching for 8 years

The variety of activities help me to keep my class time from getting stale. The materials are well done and at an appropriate level for my middle school students. I also appreciate the opportunities for movement - this is an area of weakness for me - but your activities often have students up and moving as they learn and apply!

     - Emily, teaching for 17 years


  • Summer sessions will begin end of June up to end of August. Official schedule determined upon confirmation of coaching.

  • Opportunity to extend into new school year

  • Time of meetings is flexible! I will be available most Mondays-Fridays from 10am-3pm and evenings after 7pm. We can negotiate.

  • One hour Zoom meeting once per week (also can be negotiable)

  • 1-2 hours of digital feedback between sessions. This would mostly be emails or sharing of Google Drive materials.


  • Pay invoice prior to sessions beginning. 

  • Come to each session prepared with questions, concerns, and a goal. 

  • Arrive to sessions on time. 

  • Be available via email in case of extenuating circumstances.


  • Client agrees to make full payment for services prior to services commencing.

  • Material presented/shared with the client is protected under copyright and trademark laws.

  • Client will use shared materials, content, and lesson plans/ideas solely in the client's classroom.

  • Any materials provided for the client will not be duplicated for commercial use.

© Read Write Teach ELA (Megan Mariano) is not accredited with any institution. Please defer to your school for information on receiving professional development credits. Certificates available upon request. 

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