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Diverse Books and Anti-Racism Resources for Students and Educators: A Huge Collection!

Updated: Jun 10, 2021

The Black Lives Matter movement has awakened us. Many of us, especially those of us who are white, are realizing that their pedagogy does not support multiculturalism and BIPOC students.

I've always supported the movement and diversity in my classroom. I am grateful to grow up in town that was fairly diverse. However, as a white person, I've never experienced aggression that others have.

I feel I've done a decent job filling my library with lots of books with a variety of authors, but it needs work. I need to do more. So, I went on a hunt and here you will see all the different resources I find through social media platforms and Google searches. I honestly made this for myself to have a spot to access these resources as needed! Save this link as I may add to it if I find more!

Resources! Books! And more!

A padlet entitled "So You Want to Learn about Racism" : Click here to see the resources

Resources shared through various Facebook groups:

From Black Lives Matter at School website: Teaching Materials

A Doc with AntiRacism resources:

A Doc shared by Danielle Mari on Facebook: Click here!

Anti-Racism Reading list from NY Times: Click here!

Anti-racist book list from Culturally Responsive Leadership: Click here!

Why you should stop saying “all lives matter,” explained in 9 different ways: Click here!

1000 Black Girl Books Resource Guide: Click here!

26 Books to Support Conversations on Race and Racism: Click here!

A running list of anti-racism resources: Click here!

Anti-racist books: Click here!

Another running list of anti-racism resources: Click here!

Books for littles! If you have a small child like me: Click me!

65 Resources for Racial and Health Equity: Click here!

Anti-racism resources: Click here!

Hoopla Digital book lists: Click here and here!

Read Brightly list (amazing website!): Click here!

Time Magazine movie to watch about racism: Click here!

Scaffolding anti-racims resources: Click here!

Books courtesy of Vera Corbett Ahiyya: Click here!

Short story compilations: Click here!

Google Shared Folder with loads of resources: Click here!

20 Children’s Books to Help Foster Conversations on Race: Click here!

Short passages from CommonLit: Click here!

28 Books that Amplify Black Voices: Click here!

This is a list Booksource put together for me (click below):

diverse book list
Download PDF • 869KB


So there you have it. Lots and lots of resources for you! Now, you're probably wondering how you will afford all of this stuff...check out my blog post about using the public library!

I hope this helps you and good luck! Do you have any more resources to add? I would love to hadd it!


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