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Teach with Tech Conference! July 27th, 2020: 70+ Presentations!

This is not really a blog post, but more of a promotion for a conference in which I will be doing a presentation about Seesaw!

I haven't talked about Seesaw much here on my blog, but it is a tool that I use DAILY with my students. Seesaw is predominantly used in the lower grades, but my session will teach you how to use it in middle school! The focus will be on English Language Arts, but the ideas can be used for all subject areas. Connect with families and get students to engage with Seesaw’s fun tools! I consider Seesaw to be a social media platform that is safe for schools. Students can share work, ideas, drawings, and more and teachers can share classroom experiences with parents.

There are going to be 70+ presentations ALL about tech! What's great about it is, you can do it at ANY TIME, ANYWHERE. With the future unknown and with tech being all so important right now, you won't want to miss it.

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER: This is the Teach with Tech Conference website.

There's also a fabulous Facebook group you can join now. Click here for that.

Below is a list of all the sessions (subject to change):

  • Seesaw in Middle School: MINE!!!

  • How to Create an Interactive Activity for Seesaw

  • Creating and Using Digital Stickers for Online Assignments

  • All Things Bitmoji: Bitmoji Virtual Library

  • How to use Google Earth in the Face-to Face Classroom and For Distance Learning

  • Digital Choice Boards

  • It’s Not About the Drone

  • Stop Motion 101

  • Differentiating in Google Classroom

  • Increasing Math Engagement with Prodigy

  • Journaling in a Time of Uncertainty

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Learn How To Update Your Class Newsletter Using Google Slides

  • It’s Personal: Leveraging Blended Learning to Create a Personalized Classroom

  • Integrating FREE Tech Tools with

  • Online Assessments: Fun and Easy Tools for All Ages

  • Digital Checklist Using Google Sheets

  • Microsoft Teams As Your Virtual Teaching and Learning Platform

  • Turn That Worksheet Digital!

  • Distance Learning for Early and Primary Learners

  • Using Technology to Develop Global Citizenship in Students

  • Technology to Support Literacy Instruction

  • The Teacher’s Distance Learning Tool Kit

  • Literature Circles for the High School Student using Google Apps

  • Use Google Slides to Create Catchy Techy Newsletters

  • Flipgrid Everything

  • Coaching Cycles Goes Virtual

  • Novel Movie Trailers and Parodies

  • Remote Possibilities: Chrome Extensions for Engagement, Productivity & Fun!

  • Digital Trapper Keepers with Google Sites

  • Gamifying Your STEM Lab- For Beginners

  • To Schoology for Elementary and Beyond!

  • Making Zoom Work For You

  • Simplifying Nearpod With Google Slides

  • Old School Strategies With New School Tools

  • How to Design Learning Experiences with Voice & Choice in the Creative Classroom

  • Beyond the Bulletin Board: Sharing Student Learning in the Digital Age

  • Cultivating Compassion on a Green Screen: Learn How to Make #MindfulSEL Videos & Beyond!

  • How to Create a Digital Calming Room

  • Self Grading Assessments with Google Forms

  • Using Bitmoji and Google Slides in the Classroom

  • Digital Tools to Help English Learners Survive, Succeed, and Excel in the Classroom

  • Easy Success with One-Pagers

  • 5 ways to do more with Google Classroom

  • Inquiry with Google Sites

  • Less Consumption, More Creation!

  • Glide into App Creation!

  • Engaging Activities to Incorporate into Digital Escape Rooms

  • Flipgrid in the InterACTIVE Class

  • Make an App with Google Slides

  • Tech in the Early Child Development Classroom

  • Guidance Lessons with a Techy Twist!

  • How to Get Organized and Collaborate Using Airtable

  • Booksnaps for Reading Comprehension in Non-Fiction

  • Ignite Learning with Podcasting in the Classroom

  • Holy Sheets – Google Spreadsheets in Math Classes

  • Seamless Parent-Teacher and Parent-School Communication

  • Engaging and Assessing through BOOM Cards

  • Everything You Need to Teach Digital Citizenship

  • Building a Schoology Course: The “Big Three”

  • Interactive Google Slides

  • Flipping for Flippity!

  • Tools for Distance Learning & Strategies for Student Engagement in Mathematics

  • Integration, Content Creation, and the Assessment of Augmented Reality in Classrooms

  • Fast, Fun, & Formative Assessments for Any Classroom

  • Much Ado About MergeCube

  • Create Engaging Lessons with Classkick

  • Producing Digital Content Videos During Distance Learning

  • Organizing Your Google Classroom for Success!

  • PowerPoint Productivity

  • Make it Personal: Individualized Technology Innovation Plans

  • Integrating 3D Printing Into Your Classroom for Beginners

  • Google Slides: Bomb Dot Com


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