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What I Put in My Syllabus

Updated: Nov 20, 2019

I never used a syllabus in my classroom until last year. I honestly never even thought of it until I saw some on Teachers Pay Teachers. I remember getting one in college, but it never occurred to me that it could be useful in my own class.

I began searching on TpT for something that would work well with Google Slides. It didn't exist. So, I made one! Read below to give see what I put in my syllabus.

About Me:

I include a short paragraph about myself. I like to put the basics of how long I've been teaching and what my interests are.

A Typical Day in My Classroom:

I like to let the students and parents know what each day typically looks like in my class. I think it's so important to have a set structure MOST days. Kids thrive on routine, but of course, can stray as needed.

Behavioral Expectations:

Do you have a system for behavior in place? If not, what do you do?


This is important especially at the beginning of the year.

Stay Connected

Google Classroom, Seesaw, email...everything your students and parents need to know to connect with you.


I want to be sure they all know how exactly they will be graded. I also am sure to include the percent of each item I grade.

How I Teach:

The way many of us teach now is a lot different than when we were kids...also, it may be different from students' prior teachers. So, it's good to let them know how I do it.

Units of Study:

I like to lay out what I plan on doing for the entire school year.

Technology Policy:

Since I am 1:1, I want it to be very clear what is tolerated.


I add my rubrics. I usually only use the same 4 all I put those. You can find this rubric below here.

Bottom Line

Feel free to use these as guidance for your own syllabus. You can purchase my syllabus template here. This is great for parents and students who like to say "I never knew that". I have the parents AND kids sign these at the end of the year, so it covers me!

Want a CUSTOM BUNDLE from me? Click below!

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1 Comment

Lindsay Lee Bowden
Lindsay Lee Bowden
Aug 11, 2019

I love these ideas! My favorites are the "about me" section and "a typical day in my classroom". I would have never thought to put these in my syllabus, but I love it!

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