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5 Ways Technology has Enhanced Productivity in my Classroom

Right before Covid and then during Covid, the push for technology in the classroom was HUGE. Google came out with all it's stuff and we all latched on to that big time.

Well, as it ALWAYS is with education, there is beginning to be an outcry that it's too much tech. Many teachers are abandoning tech and going back to the old ways; paper and pencil, notebooks, workbooks, etc.

As with anything, there must be a balance.100% of either edge of the coin is not the way.

Ultimately, though, I will NOT abandon technology in my classroom. Ever since I started Google Classroom and all the stuff along with it, MY workload has decreased immensely and my students have been able to accomplish so much more. Read about how here!

The 5 Ways:

  1. Grading

  2. Communication

  3. Organization

  4. Accountability

  5. Keeping records

5 Ways Explained...

Productivity for Me

  • Grading: Gone are the days where I'd have piles of reader's notebooks on my desk; where I had to flip through tons of pages to find what I wanted to access. Goodbye to constant marking up of papers. With Google Docs and Slides, I can quickly click through each students' work and comment accordingly. I can assess WHILE they're writing, keeping my GoGuardian up on one screen (I have two monitors) and their work open on the other. I can actually go ON the slide and show them. Read more about my grading system here.

Plus, the use of digital rubrics have saved me tons of time.

  • Organization & student accountability: Besides all the obvious tools that Google provides (especially revision history), I've create a lot of my own systems of organization. Google Forms has been my go-to for sure.

    1. I've used this conferencing form when conferencing with students about their writing.

    2. Students complete a late work form each time they submit something late. Having it all in one form is great for conferences with parents later.

    3. My weekly book log allows me to see how students are keeping up with their independent reading all week.

Productivity for Students

  • Note-taking: I know. Handwriting is important. We do that, too! But it takes sooo long for them to write things by hand. Using Google Slides and Docs allows them to take so many more notes than they could with paper. For example, in my research unit, that I used to do on paper, I am now able to get twice as much done as before.

  • Essays and narratives: Same a note-taking. It's quicker. I can read what they are writing. Revising is a nightmare on paper. When writing on Docs, they can just go back and delete what they don't need. Plus they could highlight specific things to fix.

  • Keeping records: My students keep tons of record digitally. My favorite is their reading record. This allows students to be aware of what books they've read throughout the year; great for me to keep track as well.

  • Communication: Now that so many of my students have phones, they often email me questions and I am fine with that! Also, I love chatting with them on GoGuardian while they're working...the introverts appreciate this.

  • Organization: Reading and writing notebooks got so disorganized. With digital slides, units can be split up into separate Slides for each unit. On Google Classroom, setting up topics allows students to find materials more easily. MUCH better than messy folders.

All my crazy topics on Google Classroom.

Bottom Line:

While yes, there are tons of pitfalls to technology in the classroom, especially in the younger grades, I do feel, by middle school, the benefits outweigh the costs if used properly.

That's the key. We are not using tech as babysitters or for mindless scrolling; it is being used as a tool. When used correctly, students will exceed ELA expectations.

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Olivia Tomas
Olivia Tomas
Jun 26

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